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My Story

About Stefi

Stefi’s Story

A Serial Entrepreneur

Stefi is a serial entrepreneur, starting right after the completion of business courses at Columbia University in New York in 2007. Coming back from New York, she realized that in Greece, there was no online platform for students to exchange their books online, so she founded her first business in 2008 at the age of 21: a digital platform where students from private colleges, could sell their used books to other students.


A year after, in 2009, she founded her second company that became a market leader in online advertising and performance marketing, with clients in 17 countries. This marketplace connected advertisers with website publishers, and created increased revenues for both parties. Apart from leading a great team in Athens, Stefi was invited to speak in well respected Digital Marketing conferences and also offered her expertise and shared her knowledge educational as an instructor and lecturer. At that time, she was interviewed by important media in Greece and abroad, such as the Danish TV.


In 2016 a burnout was a waking up point for her to realize what is important in life. She had to prioritize her values and felt the need to find deeper purpose and meaning.


In 2016 she started designing wellness travel experiences for people all over the world but that business was not a success in terms of profitability, mainly due to scalability matters. But as Stefi believes, it was a great process to create intangible experiences and life long memories for these customers.


In 2018 she started the first motivational podcast in Greek, and now hosts the SomaPnevma Show, with thousands of people getting inspired by its content.

She is the co-Founder of Hellenides, the first career network for women in Greece, providing an online academy, tools and offline and online events that support women.

Stefi is the Founder of ORAMA Ventures, that connects conscious high driven startup founders with generous Angel Investors. Stefi did her first angel investment 11 years ago, and her personal ORAMA ( vision in Greek) is to empower ambitious entrepreneurs and Angel Investors.

Early Life

Stefi was born in Athens, Greece. Raised by a Greek Father and Half-French Mother, she has plenty of memories growing up with her two siblings. Stefi attended a French Middle School and then a Greek High School. Her parents are both entrepreneurs, so from an early age, she was inspired from the concept of entrepreneurship.

As a young child, at the age of 6, Stefi’s favourite game was to set up a shop that sold tech devices, received orders through phone calls and provided a customer support desk. Although it was just a game, her entrepreneurial mindset had began to cultivate.

The SomaPnevma Show - Podcast

In 2018, Stefi launched the first inspirational podcast in Greece. The SomaPnevma Show is sharing motivational interviews, inspiring stories, thought provoking discussions, fresh perspectives & creative ideas with leading thinkers, doctors, CEOs, artists and spiritual therapists – people who think different, innovate in their sector and inspire us to live a healthier, happier and more active life. The SomaPnevma Show is available via Youtube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud & Facebook Watch.


In 2019, after working one year on its development, Stefi launched BookPanda.
BookPanda is a digital marketplace that offers a seamless, end-to-end experience to find, book, and get access to all activities, such as recreational, educational, leisure, and experiential events, classes, programs, kids & volunteering activities.


Stefi also consults businesses on strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation and brand-building.

Wellness in Stefi's everyday life

Stefi is also a wellness addict. She practices almost all kind of sports, ranging from tennis to alpine skiing, and from scuba diving to yoga and surf. She has an active lifestyle, exercising daily. She has completed a Triathlon and a Half Marathon.

She has travelled in approximately 40 countries such as Philippines & Cambodia and experienced memorable moments while skydiving, swimming with sharks, hiking to the summit of Mount Olympus and while meditating at the Osho International Resort in India.

She tries to enrich her knowledge every year and that has lead her to also be a certified Life Coach, a certified Wine Sommelier & a Mindfulness Instructor. At this point she really want to make a positive impact to people around her and influence them to enrich their lives.

High Growth Sector:

Stefi believes that Internet’s empowering influence can be a decisive driver in creating sustainable business growth. Digital Technologies offer magnificent opportunities to companies that embrace them in a timely, knowledgeable and strategic manner. Internet can accelerate growth, unleash business transformation and enable value for innovators and entrepreneurs.

High Impact Sector:

Stefi suggests that the digitization processes and transformation that Tourism Sector undergoes right now, offers unprecedented opportunities for Tourism brands. Offering control to travellers, curating their experiences in a personalized way, and enabling them to have an active role in their trip, can be factors that a brand can capitalize on this future of co-creation.

High Potential Sector:

Stefi thinks that wellness is the road and well-being is the destination. People are increasingly concerned and Brands need to allign their solutions to meet their clients changing consumer behaviour. Huge opportunities exist in Wellness Tourism, Wellness Tech, Wellness FMCGs, Workplace Wellness and preventive Wellness. Considering these sectors as integrated and merged, one can possibly think of additional opportunities for companies.