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Connects people to inspiring activities around them thus making an impact to peoples lives, while generating wealth for the local communities.
BookPanda offers value to
Locals & Tourists

BookPanda helps them by offering all the information they need, just in one place for them to make a decision in a “one digital stop” for users.

BookPanda offers value to
Local Businesses

BookPanda helps them scale their business far beyond what was possible before.

BookPanda offers value to
Hotels & Municipalities

BookPanda creates synergies by providing its technology to enhance the hotel experience and make cities smarter.

A comprehensive online platform

BookPanda offers location-based search and online reservation & booking services for recreational, educational, leisure, and experiential events, classes, programs etc. BookPanda will become the go-to brand for activities, by offering a seamless, end-to-end experience to find, book and get access to all activities, such as classes, experiences, career inspiring programs, kids activities and also volunteering activities.

Convenient Discovery

by helping users find exactly what they want, exactly when they want, via location based search, aggregating all the information needed, just in one place.

Frictionless Booking

by offering online reservation and booking services in real time, accessible from any device 24/7, using online payments and getting the benefits of a cashless system.

Performance based model

BookPanda provides its service with no additional cost for users, and businesses only pay a commission for every successful reservation through BookPanda's platform.


Who We Are

BookPanda’s Marketing Plan

BookPanda has a comprehensive marketing strategy, including earned media, owned and paid.

BookPanda has created a blog with inspiring content for users, while at the same time, has created a business blog to provide tangible tips and webinars to help local businesses grow. Video and audio is included in BookPanda’s strategy, with video content & podcasts already driving traffic to BookPanda.

Local media have already written articles and interviews with BookPanda’s Founder in entrepreneurial and tech media.

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Owned Media0

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Discover activities around you with BookPanda!